Easy Living

At my core, I am passionate about people and improving their experience. Personally, I enjoy a flexible lifestyle that the sharing and subscription economy allows me. I have access to products and services such as housing, transportation and even furniture without permanent obligations or ownership.

Beyond myself, I am interested in working within innovation and urbanism to better utilize and equitably distribute resources to combat displacement, gentrification and poverty.

Chemist, Economist & Technologist

During my time at Tulane University as an undergraduate student, I studied chemistry and economics, giving me the tools to be both an analytical and creative problem-solver spanning across the physical and social sciences. My experience with data started in college, leading me toward a career in data & analytics software sales.

At IBM, I collaborated with my clients' executive leadership on their corporate analytics strategy as an Enterprise Account Executive. As the amount of data amassed increased, I took a focus on data governance & privacy as a Strategic Technical Account Executive, advising organization how to innovate while adhering to emerging public policy and government regulations. Currently, I am a strategic Customer Success Manager at Mulesoft, a Salesforce company, guiding my clients toward success on our integrated platform through KPI development and technology delivery.

Given the experience above, I have deep expertise working across the customer lifecycle from pre-sale, managing a sales cycle to post-sale guiding program management and platform success. I have strong communication skills where I can articulate complex, technical concepts to executive, non-technical and technical audiences.

Economic & Workforce Development

Passionate about the future of work, I am a fellow for Opportunity Hub where I build the architecture for underrepresented founders through public-private partnerships, job training programs and STEAM curriculum. I also am a contributing writer to the Career Karma publication where I evangelize the future of work through coding bootcamps.

Travel & Experience

Combining my love of cocktails, culinary arts, music and travel, I am a travel & experience curator who works with hosts to design their Airbnb Experience. You can register as a host here. Having traveled around the world, I review restaurants, bars, etc. on Yelp. Take a look here to see my recommendations.