Economist, Scientist & Technologist

A chemist by trade, I am a data scientist whose domain expertise is in the physical sciences. As a result, I am always questioning the status quo and hypothesizing how both science and technology can enhance the human experience. Through my involvement streamlining organizations' data operations, improving consumer product manufacturing methods and developing therapeutic agents for cancer, I found that innovation stems from the insight uncovered through data.

Sitting at the intersection of innovation, business & policy, I understand how to take an idea from inception to sales while complying with industry regulations and mitigating risks. I focus on transforming the core industries that serve as the infrastructure of modern society, as I believe they have the most impact to improve our everyday lives.

Building upon my passion for health & beauty, I head strategy, product management and marketing at Fleur Belle Designs, an eCommerce platform dedicated to making luxury beauty products widely assessable. Coupling my love of the arts with my business knowledge, I manage artists to extend their reach and exposure through branding, leading art negotiations and curating pop-up exhibits.

I am building strategic partnerships at  Opportunity Hub, an inclusive ecosystem building platform for early S.T.E.A.M exposure, immersive technology skills education, high tech careers of the future, startup entrepreneurship resources and wealth creation opportunities. I also serve as a sales & business development mentor to the inaugural cohort of the Ascend2020 program, a technology startup and small business support ecosystem for minority-led companies in the Atlanta area.






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