Ethics & Innovation

As a humanist, I am passionate about building connections amongst people. I am building human-centric, modern infrastructure that supports the innovation economy by creating networks that bridges digital information and physical structures. I am particularly interested in building smart and compassionate cities that affordable housing, healthcare access, efficient mobility and workforce opportunities. Public-private partnerships are key to driving innovation and making it accessible to people.

Chemist, Economist & Technologist

Educated as a chemist, I am a creator who compounds natural elements real world outcomes and also a data scientist who can solve complex problems through data. Concentrating in economics, I understand how innovation can improve the broader population, such as the sharing economy. I took my expertise in data, economics and science to IBM, advising fortune 500 enterprises on the 4th industrial revolution and emerging technology to support those initiatives.

Digital Advocate

From research to sales, I have the unique skillset to take an idea from inception to revenue. At the fore front of consumer data privacy regulations, I have developed a deep understanding of technology and public policy. As we continue into a digital economy, policy will continue to be challenged, and I am an asset to innovators and policymakers to create the best outcomes. I view personal data as an extension of self entitled to human rights and privacy.

Startup Consultant

As a futurist, I am passionate about the future of work as an investment in people, giving them the skills for a solid career trajectory. I focus on strategic partnerships and fundraising to for job-training programs as well as a venture fund for minority founders as a fellow for Opportunity Hub. I create digital content for Career Karma publication, evangelizing the future of work and education. I also serve as an associate editor, managing staff writers and contributing writers. Previously, I have served as a sales & business development mentor to the Ascend2020 program, a technology startup and small business support ecosystem for minority-led companies in the Atlanta area.

Hospitality Connoisseur

Taking my love for people and applying it to creative outlets, I am a hospitality connoisseur who curates experiences built on culinary arts, craft cocktails and travel. I help individuals create activities for both visitors and locals through Airbnb Experiences. You can register as a host here.