Infrastructure x Innovation


Chemist, Economist & Technologist

From my involvement improving organizations’ data operations, streamlining manufacturing methods and developing therapy agents for oncology, I understand that the root of innovation stems from data. Building upon my technical experience and understanding of business, I can take an idea from inception to revenue through executing research, designing a viable go-to-market strategy and scaling a sales force.

Through my experience innovating in highly-regulated industries, I have gained expertise in data and technology policy. I understand how to mitigate risk and comply with government regulations by implementing data governance programs. Just as I can speak to the value of data, I can educate organizations and individuals on the importance of data privacy, viewing data as a digital extension of self that also deserves protection.

At my core, I am passionate about building the infrastructure for the innovation economy to build better and safer connections amongst people. I incorporate emerging markets into my perspective because technological advancements should be inclusive. As a fellow at Opportunity Hub, I focus on strategic partnerships and fundraising to create programs that train and develop the talent pipeline for a technically savvy workforce. I also serve as a sales & business development mentor to the Ascend2020 program, a technology startup and small business support ecosystem for minority-led companies in the Atlanta area.


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