Areas of Expertise

Data & Analytics

Governance & Compliance

research & Development

Sales & Business Development

Leveraging data science, machine learning and IoT technology to support business initiatives and create new revenue models

Ensure organizations are using trusted and secure data that complies with government regulations and industry standards

Commercialize research that solves real world problems by validating hypothesis and developing a path to market

Generates revenue through unique value propositions, deep industry expertise and ability to scale



Healthcare & Life sciences

Industry 4.0



As healthcare becomes a value-based industry, tech can help produce better outcomes; thus, lending the economics to change as well.

Tech is allowing the manufacturing industry to streamline their maintenance and production processes to yield better products.

Connected Autonomous Vehicles (CAVs) and the sharing economy are transforming how goods and people are transported.

Practices in agriculture, construction and the sources of energy we use need to protect earth and its inhabitants for continued growth