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From my studies in chemistry and economics at Tulane University, my career in enterprise software sales and my passion for building infrastructure centered around people, I have gained experience in the below areas.

Areas of Expertise

Emerging technology

Enterprise Sales & Business Development

Governance, Risk & Compliance

Leveraging data science, machine learning and IoT technology to support business initiatives and create new business models

Create scalable revenue models and sale strategy rooted in strong value propositions, deep industry expertise and business etiquette

Ensure organizations are in compliance with government regulations and a thought leader on digital rights and privacy



Education Reform & Future of Work

Healthcare & Life sciences

Industry 4.0


I am adamant about creating equity and sustainability in the education system. I am interested in taking those graduates to create a pipeline of qualified talent to support a digital economy.

As healthcare becomes a value-based industry, tech can improve efficiency and produce better outcomes.

Tech is allowing the manufacturing industry to streamline their maintenance and production processes to yield better products.

Connected Autonomous Vehicles (CAVs), flexible housing and the sharing economy are transforming how cities are designed and thus how residents live and operate


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